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MindGynnie Dev Study Point is The Best Abacus Training Institute in Jaipur.

MindGynnie Dev Study Point : Abacus Program

Abacus is one of the unique and effective programs to help children in their education. It is a wonderful opportunity for any children, where they can show their managerial skills to setup a new portfolio. MindGynnie provide complete training with quality course material for student. We are committed to provide quality education into field of Abacus Math, Vedic Math, and Calligraphy and Handwriting Improvement. The basic idea behind forming this program is to uplift the brain skills of school going students. Every parent has a wish that their child should be capable of doing basic calculation faster, his/her handwriting can impress anybody and he/she should be creative. We design our programs in such a manner so that every individual can improve its calculation power, speed, creative skills and his/her handwriting skills. Our programs are lively and fun so as to develop children's concentration, thinking, observance, reading and writing abilities.

Abacus program is mainly for children between (7-15) yrs age groups. Abacus Program is not only designed to improve child’s calculating ability, but also to increase the memory power and creativity or the concentration level to analyse the problems. Abacus program is developed by Mr. Kelvin Tham in 1997 and has an advanced Abacus Training Centre located in Malaysia.

Why MindGynnie Dev Study Point

In this competitive era, every kid needs a proper direction to dig out their hidden potential from himself to be the best. Every parents hope that their children should be the best among others. In support with your view, Abacus training is one of the best training to make your child brainy, talent and master-mind. This training gives your child confidence to face competitive exams. At MindGynnie Dev Study Point, we understand that every child is unique and MindGynnie Dev Study Point has always developed programs on fun learning methodology.

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Benefits of Abacus Program

  • Development of Right Brain

    Right brain plays an important role in recognizing faces, colors, and image. Music, reading emotions, intuitions and creativity is controlled by right brain. Therefore Abacus helps in developing right brain.

  • Enhanced confidence in calculations

    Abacus helps in developing confidence for any type of calculations and provides the accuracy as same as calculator in childrens.

  • Problem solving skills

    According to studies student who have learned Abacus can easily transform numbers into images and solve problems quicker than a normal student.

  • Increased reasoning power

    Abacus helps in solving reasoning questions thereby increasing the reasoning power

  • Enhances lifetime skills

    Abacus helps in developing lifetime skills which should be included in lifestyle at in very initial stages.

  • Patience and endurance

    In the present time students face a lot of pressure to fulfill the expectation of their parents and society. Abacus develops patience and endurance in students and gives a lot of confidence in whatever they are doing.

  • Improved memory

    Abacus learning converts number into images so as to increase the memory power or remember a certain event

  • Enhanced creativity

    Development of right brain increases creativity and Abacus help in developing right brain