Robotics Classes in Jaipur

MindGynnie Dev Study Point is the Best Robotics Training Institute in Jaipur.

MindGynnie Dev Study Point : Robotics Classes

MindGynnie Dev Study Point supports middle school robotics education programs. The Robotics courses teach students how to build and program Robotic systems that incorporate sensors and motors to accomplish a variety of complex tasks. By engaging in exciting hands-on applications, students practice and reinforce key concepts in engineering, computer programming, and mathematics, all the while strengthening problem-solving skills.

Advantage and benefits of learning Robotics

Robotics includes learning of mechanical, electronic, electrical and programming skills. Students are given proper training to create their own robotic devices and at the same time will also gain deeper understanding of the subject. MindGynnie Dev Study Point in association with Building Blocks brings you the world of Robotics and Imaginations for your child. Our program is designed to bring creativity in children and update them with latest technologies in order to learn robotics.

  • It creates understanding of basics concepts of physics and Mathematics.
  • It enables children to learn the latest technologies.
  • It helps in developing confidence and creativity.
  • It creates team work and leadership skills.
  • It helps the student in developing creativity skills to perform experiments.

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Learning Phases

  • Phase I: Mechanical and Manual control Motion

    • Basics of Robotics and frame development.
    • Various types of force actualization based on task by simple models.
    • Different types of motion and locomotion by making models.
  • Phase II: Completing projects

    • Understanding concept and logic for software Programming.
    • Understanding Concept of hardware electronics and sensors.
    • Use of sensors and energizing through programming.
  • Phase III: Software and Electronics

    • Autonomous Robotics projects.
    • Alarm based system using sensors.
    • Line Followers, obstacle avoider and hand follower robots.
    • Autonomous and remote controlled operation of robots.
    • Innovative modes to perform specific tasks.

  • Competitions

    Certification and award of Club certification to each participants and visit to Nearby Industries to understand use and application of robotics e.g. Maruti Udyog Limited etc